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There are several benefits for House of Burnett members:


1. James Burnett, our Chief, if he is available, will meet you at Crathes Castle. Email  if you plan to visit with the dates.

2. 10% discount on rooms and food at the Burnett Arms Hotel in Banchory, Scotland (The Burnett Arms is a Best Western Hotel)

3. Hospitality at the Burnett tent at the Aboyne Highland Games which are held the first Saturday in August each year in Aboyne, Scotland.

4. The  "Burnett Banner" quarterly e-newsletter edited by our Chief, James Burnett  (Other back issues may be seen by clicking on "Banner Archive" in the menu in the green band at the top of the website page or clicking here).

The Burnett website allows visitors to plan their trip to Crathes Castle, schedule fly fishing on the River Dee, and eventually see the plans for the next Burnett Gathering, Summer, 2023 in Scotland.


 The Burnetts have a website, and a Facebook page. The links are below:

Website: especially the back issues of the Burnett Banner. This site is excellent for planning a trip to visit Crathes Castle in Banchory, Scotland

Facebook: Under

You can become a member by downloading the membership form, completing it and mailing it with a check for $20.00 to the Secretary of the House of Burnett. The name and address is on the form

You may also become a member through the Burnett.UK site via PayPal. The link below will take you to the official UK Burnett membership page



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